Leaky Basement Repair

We specialize in leaky basement repair and fixing foundation cracks for the greater Chicago area. Below are just a couple of the solutions we provide to help you protect your home. If you have any questions, call us at 847-505-5455 or send us a message. We look forward to speaking with you.

Basement Waterproofing, Leaky Basement Repair Services

If you need leaky basement repair, then urethane injection is an economical way to seal your cracks. We’ll visit your property and inspect the issues and trouble areas. If appropriate, this method could be used for your situation. We’ll inject a polyurethane foam resin that expands on contact with water to fill and seal the cracks. Once the expansion is complete, water will be sealed off from your basement stopping any leakage. Our low pressure basement crack repair kits come with all materials required to complete your repair.

Drain Tile

Drain tile installation can prevent landscape moisture, subsurface water, and roof runoff from ruining your basement. Seepage can cause puddling, erosion and cracks if it’s not drained properly. One way to protect your basement and foundation from this corrosive leakage is to redirect it away from your structure. We’ll dig a trench along the foundation to install drain tile that will keep the water away from your home. We can setup moisture barriers along the whole foundation or in key problem areas as well.

Sump Pump

If your home is suffering from below-ground wetness, then a sump pump is your solution. A sump pump will help to keep the area under your home dry and will prevent your basement from flooding. We’ll create a sump pit that your pump can sit in. The pit will be installed in the lowest part of your basement or foundation’s crawlspace. Should flooding occur, the water will drain into the pit and then be pumped out and away from your home. It’s an effective and economical option if pooling or flooding is a constant problem.

Backup Battery Systems

When a storm knocks out your power keep your sump pump working with a backup battery system. Electric sump pumps are incredibly effective, but they won’t operate without electricity. Severe storms can result in blackouts causing your sump pump to stop. A backup battery system will keep your pump working when you need it the most. An electric charger will keep your battery fully charged, so when the power goes out your battery kicks in. We’ll install your backup battery system to keep you dry during even the worst of times.


Foundations crack do to settling of the structure. Its usually the weakest point of the foundation, which is evident under the window of a window well. Or due to the pressure caused by the weight of the home, as is evident under I-beam pockets.

Homes, and structures, continue to settle over the entire life of the structure.

This is called hydrostatic pressure. It is cause by the heavy rains. When we experience heavy rains in a short period of time, the water cannot filter through the clay fast enough. This causes the water table (water level) to rise. If the water table rises above the level of your concrete floor slab, the pressure caused by the water will cause the water to push through all imperfections, in this scenario, the cove joint (where the concrete slab meets the concrete foundation wall). Concrete does not bond with other concrete. It has to be a continuous pour to create a seal. Unfortunately, the way homes are built, there are 3 different pours (for concrete foundations); 1st, they pour the footing, 2nd, they pour the foundations (or lay the brick for cinderblock foundations), and last they pour the concrete slab. Between the different pours is a micro gap (invisible, in many cases, to the naked eye). The only way to stop hydrostatic pressure from entering you home is to redirect the water with a drain tile system that is connected to a sump pit with a sump pump. The sump pump discharges the water away from you home (or business).


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